Shamanic healing treatment

Connection with power animals

Drum travel

Liberation from foreign energies

Dissolving karmic entanglements

Travel to the lower and upper worlds

Dissolve physical and psychological blockages and trauma

Rewriting old beliefs

Soul repatriation

Rewrite life script

Integration of gifts of strength

Dissolving courses

Ancestral healing

Constellation work

Gynecological circles

Treatment according to shamanic traditions always works on the level of your soul. Shaman can also be translated as “wanderer between the worlds”, which becomes clear during a treatment.

In the individual shamanic treatments we will work together on the topics that are important to you. We go into every deep memory, pain and trauma from which your soul wants to free itself. We also get to the bottom of physical ailments together in order to treat them lovingly.

Each individual treatment begins with a conversation in which we talk about your concerns. In a familiar environment I get to know you and feel what I can help you with. After about 15 minutes I start my work. To do this, you lie on your back in a relaxed position and I travel into your subconscious.

With the information that you send me through your subconscious, I dissolve old injuries and fears, karmic entanglements and energetic blockages, so that you can continue on your way to healing.

After 30 minutes we exchange our experiences and experiences. With the jointly collected information and my work you will draw new strength, your self-healing will be activated and your soul will heal.

Experience shows that in energy work, or shamanic work, the newly released power merges with your energy system – this can last up to 7 days. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take extra vacation for this, the time will be a loving and healing one, in which you will find your own strength.

  Energy compensation: € 120

1.5-2 hours

Please contact me if you do not currently have the financial means. It is very important to me to be able to accompany you on your way. Together we will find a way!

Shamanic room cleaning

Insomnia, nightmares, restlessness in your own four walls.

If we have an ‘uncomfortable’ feeling in certain rooms, find no relaxation or even want to flee backwards from the apartment, this may be due to occupations.

Among other things, it often happens that the living and working rooms are occupied by bad energies or have not been cleaned by the energies of the previous owners.

A shamanic room cleaning deals with the remaining parts of the soul of old residents, with occupation energies and invites the house spirit to make friends with the residents and to create a house of joy and relaxation.

Every room has its own purpose and use, everything is animated. With a cleansing I clear up old energies, free captured souls and open light portals to bring new strength into the rooms.
Depending on the journey and size, the energy balance varies between € 80 and € 300

Room cleaning is also possible via remote treatment, for which a rough floor plan and possibly photos of the rooms are advantageous. Get in contact with me to be able to respond individually to your wishes.


Shamanic workshops

A shamanic practice workshop is held every month for both beginners and practitioners. The evening offers a platform for questions, exchange, meeting like-minded people and walking the path of transformation together.

Events on changing topics are published here and on Facebook.

Energy compensation € 30