About Me

About me: Judith, shaman and spiritual healer

I am Judith and I am very happy that you want to get to know me! In a personal conversation we can exchange ideas and find out if our souls meet in trust and love.

  • Background

    I was born in Saxony in 1986 and grew up in a small village near the Krabat Mill. At the age of six, my parents, my younger sister and I moved to North Rhine-Westphalia. My years in my new home were marked by the freshly created cultural East-West difference. In 2005 I moved to Berlin, out of love and to start my studies as a business information scientist.
  • Vocation

    With nine years of professional experience as an IT project manager at IBM, I asked myself the question: "Profession or vocation?". I let my heart guide me and took the time to follow the call of my passion and enthusiasm. Now, head and heart form my future hand in hand.
  • Shamanic practices

    Over a period of 8 years I have studied the methods and techniques of traditional shamanic practices from Europe, South America, India and Siberia with various teachers. I have adapted these practices to make them accessible and experiential in our culture. My spiritual team is composed of diverse backgrounds and cultures, united in their mission to help the people of this earth. Together they strive to create a better life for all through their collective compassion and wisdom.
  • Motivation

    With my work I want to help to gain insight into spiritual and physical health. I support people on their path to balance, peace and well-being in their lives. With my professional and comprehensive approach I offer individual and holistic ceremonies.
  • Teaching & Learning

    Teaching and learning is a lifelong journey for me. Every collaboration with my clients is an opportunity to learn and grow. I am grateful to be able to guide and accompany my trainees on this journey.
  • Naturopath

    In addition to my spiritual training, I have also completed a three-year program at the School of Naturopathic Medicine, where I gained extensive medical knowledge. Although I do not have a formal degree in alternative medicine, I care deeply about the connection between conventional medicine and ancient traditions, and I strongly believe in the power of collaboration between medical practitioners and healers.
  • Private life

    My husband, our son and I are lucky to live in Berlin and experience the wonders of the city. Living in the district of Friedrichshain, we are involved in neighborhood life, in the soccer club, the Berlin City Mission and the neighborhood.