Judith is a rare gem! If you are lucky enought to have the opportunity of recieving her treatments, you will find yourself transformed in so many ways. She helped me release so much of my anxiety and depression that was holding me back in life for years. I feel more alive than ever after the session and wish I could have done it a long time ago.
Elizabeth Herder
Judith has designed the Rauhnächte workshop in such a loving, open atmosphere and left a lot of space for personal. In addition to the general information about the Rauhnächte, I also learned particularly valuable such as aura incense and breathing exercises.
Judith's workshop on the Rauhnächte at the end of 2019 gave me the opportunity to review my year and really write down on paper once what I wanted to draw into my life for the next year. Incredibly, I still find that all the wishes I manifested during the Raunächte came true month after month in 2020 exactly the same! =) I am already really looking forward to the coming Raunächte ♥
I actually stumbled into the Rauhnächte course with Judith quite by accident. Although the term "spirituality" was quite foreign to me until then, I somehow felt right at home. There were many exciting things to learn, such as which herbs are helpful for which topics or problems. The course and the rituals have brought me a bit closer to myself.
A place where emotions start to flow - highly recommended for head people who want to reconnect with their heart.
Franziska Burmeister
Really great shaman who guided me through my issues very sensitively.
Stephanie T