Ancestral ritual


»But as I said, our ancestors should serve as a model for us. So, let the first exception be that we must not repeat their mistakes.«

The legacy of the ancestors

You cannot choose your family...

Or did your soul choose your family because it knew that was the place where you could reach your fullest potential?

Whether we get along well with our family or not, the patterns of the society that shapes us, the environment in which we grow up, and our parents’ own history shape our development.

Family illnesses, toxic behaviors, and internal disputes are all indicators of a weakened family tree.

The way to the ancestor ritual

Ancestral redemption

Your options for the ancestor ritual

Energy balancing

7 Generation Ritual

  • Journey through the seven generations of your ancestral lineage
  • Integrate gifts from the council of elders
  • Heal family trauma for a specific generation
  • approx. 3 hours

€330 (excluding VAT)


A journey to your ancestors

  • Family topics carried down from pervious generations
  • Dissolve family curses
  • approx. 90 minutes

€160 (excluding VAT)