Energetic house cleaning

Energetische-Hausreinigung Berlin

»For every person who bravely dares to fight against all the adversity of this world I wish for you a trusted home, where you can forget about everything for awhile.«

Make your home a place of peace and rejuvenation

A fresh wind brings new energy with it.

A shamanic room cleaning involves coming into contact with the soul parts of old residents who may be lingering in the space — along with their negative energy. Then, we invite the spirit to befriend the current residents and create an environment of joy and relaxation.

Each room has its own purpose and use. Everything is alive. During a cleaning, I clear old energies, free trapped souls, and open portals of light to bring new power into the affected rooms.

I also clear the power lines and water pipes and set filters for the health of the residents, all while integrating aspects of Feng Shui and the teachings of Vastu.

Make your home a space of love and rest

Energy rebalancing

Do you want to feel welcome and at peace in your home?

Entferne Blockaden und negative Energien durch meine energetische Hausreinigung. Remove blockages and negative energy with an energetic house cleaning Book your cleaning today!